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Ingenuity model - Step 1

Decision made! I love aeronautics and a challenge, so building a full scale model of the NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter seems like a good challenge!

It's also the perfect project to demonstrate all the advanced engineering methods I've learn, methods which NASA has used to design and build Ingenuity.

These methods that are also widely used in the aerospace industry and on other critical system engineering projects.

You might ask the question why, do things the NASA way? What use is that to me?

Good question, follow this blog on the Ingenuity build project and you'll very likely discover why.

Many of us like the phrase "Keep It Simple Stupid" ...

... but take a look at how anything is built today and you will find great complexity... even a common house brick goes through stringent manufacturing processes to comply with standards for composition and strength and pass tests.

Many of us will rightly conclude that things are getting more complicated as time goes on and the more we interconnect more 'things' and systems.

So, perhaps we should get used to it, and learn how to deal with growing complexity.

Building a full scale model of Ingenuity seems like a great way to widen my understanding and capabilities and avoid simply following 'trusted brands'

So on day 1,

I'm starting with a photo (which I've cleaned up in a photo editor):

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