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Tradespace exploration

Use Multi-attribute Tradespace Exploration (MATE) when you need the 'best' answer on 'critical' decisions.

For most of us, the search for our 'best' thing (car, phone, meal) quickly gets overwhelmed by all the attributes we 'might' consider. 

Often we simply revert to choosing 'brand' or 'price' ...

In business that may be a quick way to get into deep water!  ... but what if you could take a lot more attributes into account and be more certain of outcomes?  Such as ... can we fly on Mars!

MATE uses high performance computers to crunch the permutations and outputs choices that are optimal for your values (those on or near the 'Pareto Front')

Your 'values', can be more than least cost, they can be max profit, lowest weight, longest range, most passengers.... or a mix.

MATE reveals optimal attribute vales (such as price, operating hours, range) that cut through uncertainties and provide quantified confidence to the decisions you are making.

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