Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Ingenuity on the Martian Surface. Elements of image furnished by

Ingenuity Services

Up the game, defeat uncertainty!

No one 'knew' how to fly on another planet ... yet on Feb. 18, 2021, NASA overcame a multitude of uncertainties to succeed in transporting, deploying then flying the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. 

Ingenuity Services helps you access & apply methods that NASA uses. We do so locally, quickly and easily.

So up the game! Conquer your challenges using methods, tools and skills proven in aerospace. Gain the confidence to go places where others can't. 

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Services & Capabilities

We focus on early phase capabilities

All are advanced methods and technologies that help business potential grow.

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Quantitative Methods & RISK discovery

Identify and manage what really matters!

We support system engineering projects with research, management & computation services.

  • Apply STAMP methods to discover weaknesses in system safety, security and help design better system architectures.

  • We undertake multi-attribute tradespace exploration (MATE) to help you visualise the best way lots of variables are integrated to meet stakeholder objectives.

  • We use Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools such as Arcadia to help 'tame' complex system projects.

Photo or 3D SCAN to CAD

As built or no drawings?
... no problem!

Discover how we can generate computer aided drawing (CAD) files from photos or point clouds generated by highly accurate 3D laser scanning instruments.

Use the resulting STL, 3MF or CAD files to do 3D printing &/or 3D visualisation of the concept or original.

Use 3D scanning for inspection or after accidents or failures, create accurate surface profiles to assist in analysis &/or record keeping or analysis. 

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Creating 3D Models and Parts

Need the 'real' thing?

It's not easy to share ideas in our mind.

Sketches, photos, videos and animations are better.

However, we all naturally understand the physical world, so move forward and turn a scan or CAD file into a real 'thing' with 3D printing.

Aha! ... now I get it! ;-)

Read our blog and see us create a full scale 3D model of the Ingenuity helicopter that's flying on MARS

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